Borders? Not that I know of, said the stork.
(by Manfred Hinrich)

The EU supports cross-border cooperation promoting mutual growth and integration. For decades, the border between Austria and Slovakia served as part of the Iron Curtain, which separated the two countries. This demarcation line emphasizes how important it is to reencounter each other, to balance material differences, and last but not least, to draw attention to the particularities of both countries.
On this platform, we present you with a selection of projects from the cross-border cooperation between Western Slovakia and Eastern Austria. These projects were supported to a large extent by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Many interesting projects on various topics were implemented by some very dedicated people.

For more information visit the website of our campaign Reinventing Europe as well the programme website Slovakia–Austria 2007 – 2013.

We hope you will enjoy this exciting, entertaining and informative journey!

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