Saving energy and resources

Humans and all their inventions and accomplishments use up more of the world’s energy resources than can be replenished in a reasonable period of time. People are more aware of this than ever, and both businesses and private consumers have started to reflect on resource-saving technologies.

Hence a new branch of business has formed and is in need of experts and ideas. In the EXREN project, the Energiepark Bruck/Leitha, the Energy Center Bratislava and the Slovak Association of Photovoltaic Industry run summer camps for 12 to 16-year-olds. The participation of businesses and the use of concrete project ideas give teenagers a glimpse of promising career prospects in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Participants are thus informed about a vocational field which also offers job opportunities in rural regions. The summer camp ‘Energy Busters’ was awarded by the programme ‘Education for a Sustainable Development’ of the Austrian UNESCO Commission.

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Another field with a great energy saving potential is the construction sector. The REACT project is concerned with zero- or plus-energy buildings. Specifically trained advisors can give you tips on how to build new houses or how to renovate old ones. If you are interested in energy advisor courses, want to receive advice yourself or if you are just interested in new technologies (such as bio- and recycled oils, new building materials or geothermal heat collectors) and their application in zero- or plus-energy buildings, you can find information online.

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Think global - act local! The BeFoRe Project has been dedicated to environmental education for children and adults. Collected, developed, discussed and tested in two pilot regions the starting points for an environmentally conscious and sustainable development are to be applied by teachers but also community representatives. The manuals are available for download. The two versions are not identical, since the conditions in both countries are still different.

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Read about further actions aiming at children in the LAKO 2 article: under the guidance of professionals schools develop actions targeting waste prevention.

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